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    Country Indonesia
    Contact Person : Gaura Mancacaritadipura
Description The Indonesian Heritage Network—Jaringan Kota Pusaka Indonesia (JKPI)—is a good example of networking among local governments for safeguarding ICH. The Indonesian Heritage Cities Network is an inter-local government organization (not an NGO) that coordinates on a national level among cities and districts possessing varieties of natural and/or cultural heritage (tangible and intangible). JKPI aims to jointly safeguard natural and cultural heritage including ICH. JKPI was declared on 25 October 2008 in Surakarta City by twelve cities. One of the mayors who declared the establishment of JKPI was Ir. Joko Widodo, then Mayor of Surakarta and host of the meeting, (presently 7th President of the Republic of Indonesia.) As of the seventh National Working Meeting Karangasem, Bali in June 2019, JKPI has seventy member cities and districts. The objectives of JKPI are:n• To develop collaboration amongst cities (and districts) having important natural and cultural heritagen• To develop collaboration for safeguarding heritage with stakeholdersn• To promote a role of communities in safeguarding heritage and its positive development in social lifen• To inventory the wealth of the heritage of the member cities/districts of JKPIn• To develop an understanding of the diverse nature and culture to strengthen the Unified State of the Republic of Indonesian• To be used as a vehicle for promoting existing heritage for JKPI member cities/districts3nJKPI is a non-profit and independent organization, and is not intended to advance the interests of, or be affiliated with, any group or political party.
Phone(Office) +62-21-3456727
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Address Jalan Veteran No. 15, Jakarta Pusat

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