Kyrgyz Komuz community
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    Manage No SS00000293
    Stakeholder Category Community
    Country Kyrgyzstan
    Name of Representative Nurak Abdrakhmanov(1947-2014)
Description Master Nurak Abdrakhmanov (1947-2014) remained in the memory of modern Kyrgyz as a great composer, performer, and master of making the instrument. He began searching for his komuz teaching system back in the Soviet period when he worked as a music teacher in Ak-Talaa Village in the Naryn region. He was not satisfied with the formal education programs used in the schools. Master Nurak learned early on that that the European twelve-note system did not cover the musical subtleties and possibilities of komuz, saying that the system reduces what is possible with komuz in thirty ways. Master Nurak believed that learning komuz in a traditional and cultural way helps with learning how to play komuz more quickly and easily.
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National Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic for UNESCO

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