Aida Alymova
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    Manage No SS00000317
    Stakeholder Category Expert
    Country Kyrgyzstan
    Affiliated institution Public Foundation "Consortium of Museums"
    Position Director
Description Aida Alymova is an anthropologist and a director of the Public Foundation "Consortium of Museums". She has a Ph.D. in History and her research topic was about the life and culture of the peoples of Central Asia in the late XIX - early XX centuries. For her work on the development and popularization of museums in Kyrgyzstan, she was elected as president of the National Committee of ICOM in Kyrgyzstan in 2019. Aida Alymova is also awarded a diploma from the Ministry of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic for outstanding achievements in the field of culture. She also acts as a Museum expert at the Turkic Academy based in Nursultan, Kazakhstan. Currently, as a director of the Consortium of Museums, she promotes museum development activities, with an aim to ensure the social purpose of museums as institutions for cultural, educational, and scientific functions. She coordinates and implements museum activities to solve professional and social issues and problems in the museums of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Field of expertise Museum business, preservation of cultural and natural heritage, preservation of biocultural diversity, development of tourism and excursion activities. Cooperation with the guardians of traditional knowledge and the local community. Implementation of projects in the sphere of preservation and popularization of historical and cultural heritage.

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National Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic for UNESCO

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