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Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) is a human life itself and expressed in a various ways ranging from music, dance, rituals, stories, festive events, traditional games, food, and human knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe. ICH also expresses human and community’s identity. It has interaction with complexed natural and social environments and influenced by cultural change. meanwhile, it is continuously transmitted, transformed and re-created through the generations.

ICH include all kinds of expressions, no matter how common or rare they are,
how many or how few people in the community take part in them,
or how much of an effect or influence they have in that community.
Intangible heritage has important value in itself.
ichLinks Open Archive aim to performed as channel to discover and
share the ICH stories around our daily lives. To Safeguarding ICH,
it needs our interest and attention rather than special people or devices. Through the diverse people such as communities, NGO’s and experts, we can meets ICH stories with various view point and the value of cultural diversity