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The Music of the Pahang Drum

[ English ]

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Performing Arts
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The state of Pahang, Malaysia
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The state of Pahang is the biggest in Peninsular Malaysia on the aspect of area and famous with a wealth of a myriad of her cultures and customs. Among them is the performing arts of Gendang Pahang or the Pahang Drum that is influenced by deep Islamic elements. The Pahang Drum has its own song called Bujang Hilir. This music begins with an opening beat and ends with a ‘killing’ beat or ‘dead beat’, apart from other beats. This music is played during wedding and palace customary ceremonies as well as accompanying silat martial arts performance and Tarian Inai dance. The instruments are drums and gong. This music is not limited to be played by men only as ladies are also involved in this arts form.
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informal training
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The Malaysia Arts Cultural Practitioners Association (MACPA)