Jaatraas of Nepal

CD2_JAATRAAS OF NEPAL A jaatraa is usually an annual festival associated with a particular god or goddess. A ritual is performed in a temple dedicated to the deity. People of all ages, ethnicities, and religions come together to celebrate a local jaatraa. It is believed that a god may join in the festival by possessing one of the participants. The possessed person is usually taller than others and often wears a turban. Other participants may also entera trance state, and they are also believed to be possessed by a god. This is considered a sign that the god is happy with the jaatraa. A jaatraa typically includes a procession in which the image of the god or goddess is mounted on a chariot accompanied by musicians and other worshippers.

Balambu Mahalakshmi Jaatraa

Country : Nepal


Taleju Bhawani Jaatraa

Country : Nepal


Bishnu Devi Sat Gaunle Jaatraa

Country : Nepal


Tika Bhairab Jaatraa

Country : Nepal


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