9. Water Management through Traditional Wisdom: Addressing the Ecological Disaster of the Aral Sea Basin
  • Manage No DI00001338
    Country Republic of Korea
    Author Zhansulu Issayeva (Ph.D. Candidate, Seoul National University/Project Consultant, ICHCAP)
    Published Year 2022
    Language English
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Description The shrinking of the Aral Sea has been named “perhaps the biggest ecological disaster of our time,” one showing that “humans can destroy the planet” (Guterres, 2017), and “one of the planet’s most shocking disasters” (Ban, 2010). The shrinking has had significant negative consequences on all aspects of life in Central Asia, including the ecosystem, public health, and the economy. I have personally witnessed the dramatic changes in the region, and the tragic consequences it has had on the local community. Thus, my awareness of this ecological disaster and the suffering of the region’s people comes not solely from news outlets, articles, books, documentaries, and other related materials, but also from my personal experience of visiting the site and talking with the local people.

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