The Inscription of “Talchum, Mask Dance Drama in the Republic of Korea” on the UNESCO Representative List: Implications and Follow-up Tasks
  • Manage No DI00001445
    Country Republic of Korea
    Author HEO Yongho (Professor, Gyeongju University)
    Published Year 2023
    Language English
    Copyright Copyright
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Description On 30 November 2022, “Talchum, Mask Dance Drama in the Republic of Korea” was inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This was a significant honor as it represented the global recognition of the value of sharing and jointly transmitting this traditional art. It also suggested that Korea’s efforts to transmit Talchum to date had not been in vain, while also affirming the relevance of Korea’s experience in terms of transmitting other ICH. The inscription of Talchum on the UNESCO Representative List came as a result of the recognition of Korea’s unique notion of freedom and its efforts to achieve universal equality, which all of humanity now shares and contributes to.

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