Nomad Heritage

The Revival of Local Koumyss Festivals in Kazakhstan: Safeguarding Traditions and Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals
  • Manage No DI00001350
    Country Kazakhstan
    Author Balgyn Salykova, Zhanerke Shaigozova, Baktiyor Kozhakhmetov
    Published Year 2023
    Language English
    Copyright Copyright
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Description A triad of spring festive rites—biye baylau, ayghyr kosu, and kymyz muryndyk, identified and documented in Terisakkan village in the northern outskirts of Ulytau province of central Kazakhstan—were inscribed in the UNESCO Representative List in 2018. The annual festive event starts in early May with new grass, flowers, and foals, opening a year-round cycle of reproduction and a new season of making koumiss, an ancient sacred drink. It had become the case that only the community in Ulytau province conducted this local festival from an earlier time. Now the tradition is being revived in several areas of Kazakhstan, and there is a strong interest in other countries with nomadic cultures.

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