Awang Batil
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    Country Malaysia
    Author MOHD ZAMZURI BIN AB GHANI(Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia)
    Published Year 2023
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Description Introduction In Malaysia, there is a living traditional art where a storyteller develops the oral tradition, otherwise known as oral literature. Oral tradition is the original source of Malay literature and translated into written literature. One of the practitioners of this oral tradition is known as 'Awang Batil'. Apart from specialised storytellers such as Awang Batil, there are other transmissions of oral literature throughout the country, especially in villages through folk stories or stories of elders that are collected, rewritten and made into collections for children to read. Awang Batil Awang Batil is a storyteller who provided entertainment and education to the people, especially to the villagers and local community. Awang Batil entertains and educates the community through many classic stories that he inherited. Through those stories, the community is entertained and educated. Once upon a time, Awang Batil functioned as a story book, novel, radio, television, movie or video as it is now. He would travel from house to house, village to village, state to state including the state of Kedah, Penang and some areas in the Southern Region of Thailand, especially the Setol Region.
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