Good Practices on Sustainable Development through Traditional Crafts
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    Published Year 2023
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Description This book contains ten good practices from five Asia-Pacific countries (Nepal, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, India, and Kyrgyzstan) selected through an international contest in 2022. Through this publication, the authors highlight the status of traditional crafts in their respective countries and showcase how traditional crafts contribute to sustainable development within communities, focusing on policies, programs, and activities such as marketing, consulting, and capacity development. Previously overshadowed by mass-produced crafts in the market, traditional crafts have gained new importance today in the context of sustainable development, including ecosystem conservation, climate change, job creation, and economic growth. They are now acknowledged as a promising foundation, forming the basis of a new economic model based on well-being and contentment, extending beyond the realms of community sustenance and economic expansion. ICHCAP aims to raise awareness of the significance of traditional crafts in this context and strengthen the network of craft experts and institutions. Moreover, the publication seeks to explore ways in which traditional crafts can be passed down in a modernized manner. Furthermore, the good practices featured in this publication can be linked to various programs of domestic and international craft-related institutions, aiming to enhance awareness of traditional crafts.
Contents (Author )
Good Practices in Policies and Activities on Safeguarding and Promoting Traditional Crafts for Sustainable Development in Communities: Yurt-Making Craft in the Ysyk-Kol Region of the Kyrgyz Republic Aibek Samakov (Research Fellow, Aigine Cultural Research Center, Kyrgyzstan)
Policies and Activities for Safeguarding and Promoting the Value of the Phuoc Tich Traditional Pottery Craft Associated with Sustainable Tourism Development Phuc The Hoang (Officer, Cultural Heritage Department, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Viet Nam)
Efficacy and Shortcomings of Regulatory Framework for Safeguarding Traditional Craft Practices: Case Studies from West Bengal, India Sneha Bhattacharyya (Project Manager, Contact Base, Kolkata, India)
Documenting Good Practices in Safeguarding of Traditional Woodcrafts in Kathmandu Valley Monalisa Maharjan (Research Fellow, UNESCO Chair in Intangible Cultural Heritage and Traditional Know-how, Nepal)
Good Practices in Safeguarding Traditional Crafts for Sustainable Development in Communities: A Case Study of Aranmula Kannadi Venugopal Bhargaviamma (Convenor, India Heritage and Museum Field School (IHMFS), India)
Good Practices for Development of Traditional Crafts: Government Initiatives in India Jyoti Shukla (Leela Life, India)
Participation of NGOs in the Management of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Experiences of Using Information Technologies in the Development of Traditional Craftsmanship in Uzbekistan Amirkul Karimov (Chair, Oltin Meros Public Foundation, Uzbekistan), Mukadis Dustmatov (Director, Oltin Meros Public Foundation, Uzbekistan)
Tharu Basketry: Cultural and Economic Significance Maya Rai (Chief Executive Officer, Researcher, Nepal Knotcraft Centre Pvt. Ltd, Nepal)
Intergenerational Skill Transfer for Income Generation, Empowerment and Sustainable Development in Shikharapur Community Learning Centre: Final Report 2022 Niroj Shrestha (Program Manager, Shikharapur Community Learning Centre, Kathmandu, Nepal)
Community Benefit-Sharing for Sustainable Tourism Development in Thanh Ha Pottery Village Nguyen Thi Le Thuong (Staff, Hoi An Center for Cultural Heritage Management and Preservation, Viet Nam)

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