Pua Kumbu: Textile Craftwork of the Iban People
Description Pua Kumbu is, to date, the sole weaving technique transmitted by the Iban people in Sarawak, Malaysia. It embodies a centuries-long history and tradition. A variety of natural materials from the country’s tropical rainforests are used to create diverse motifs that symbolize the identity of the Iban people. As its designs typically originate from ideas that come to seasoned craftsmen in dreams, Pua Kumbu is based on the creator’s imagination, although some designs are inspired by cosmology or oral history. This video shows the ritual offering to avoid misfortune prior to weaving the textile, as well as multiple stages of weaving.
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Country Malaysia
ICH Domain Social practices, rituals, festive events, Traditional craft skills
Videos Photographer Abdul R Dim Year 2019
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The Malaysia Arts Cultural Practitioners Association (MACPA)

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