Custom of cutting the child’s hair for the first time
Description There is a tradition to celebrate the customary event for cutting the child’s hair for the first time, and it is called differently such as “urevleg urgeeh”. Mongols do cut the boy’s hair in his 3 and 5 years old and girl’s hair in her 2 and 4 years old. The most respected (with compatible year sign) person or guest touches the child’s hair first with wooden knife. Accordingly, a bundle of hair is cut off with scissors with honorary scarf tied to its handle. A cup of milk is given to a child for taste, a bit of milk is applied to the child’s forehead and the well-wishing words of benediction are chanted. While the child goes around the guests from right to left, the guests cut off pieces of hair. Every one of them gives well-wishing words and presents.
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National Center for Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture of Mongolia