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Kyrgyz epic trilogy: Manas, Semetey, Seytek unesco mark

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Manage No :
Country :
ICH Domain :
Oral traditions and representations
Year of Designation :
Description :
The greatest work of oral art and epic culture of the Kyrgyz is the Epic Trilogy: Manas, Semetey, Seytek. Manas is the epic hero who united scattered tribes into one nation – Kyrgyz. Deeds of Manas were continued by his son Semetey and his grandson Seytek. Trilogy became the immortal spirit and basic identity of the Kyrgyz. The Epic Trilogy exists among the Kyrgyz only and represents the enormous narrative, comprising of more than 500,553 verse lines. It includes knowledge about the world and the universe, history of the Kyrgyz, their rites and traditions, moral, ethical and esthetic perceptions, geographical, medical knowledge, description of practices and way of life. The epic represents a syncretic performance that incorporates in the verbal narrative and recitative accompaniment performed without a musical instrument as well as performing and artistic creativity, which is accompanied by a body language. As a genre, the Epic Trilogy is attributed to the heroic epics and reflects a story about different periods of the Kyrgyz civilization.
Transmission method :
Trilogy has been transmitted orally
Community :
Community of manaschy-"Manas" Epic tellers; semeteychy-"Semetey" Epic tellers; seytekchy-"Seytek" Epic tellers
Type of UNESCO List :
Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
Type of UNESCO List :
Information source
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