Indonesian Gamelan
Description Gamelan is the percussion orchestra of Indonesia. Gamelan is a set of traditional music instruments mostly made of hand-forged metal (bronze, brass, and iron). Gamelan consist of slab-type (wilahan) instruments: saron/sarun/pemade, demung/sarun ganal, gender/kiliningan, slenthem/selentem/jegogan, peking/sarun paking/kantilan, kecrek/keprak, and gong-type (pencon) instruments: gong, kempul, kenong, bonang, trompong, kethuk, and kempyang. Other instruments, e.g., zither and seruling (bamboo flute). Gamelan instruments are played by beating (gong, saron, demung, slenthem, kecer); plucking and strumming (siter, kecapi, rebab); tapping (kendang); and blowing (flute). The pitch and tuning of gamelan are slendro and/or pelog (pentatonic and/or heptatonic), each has its own frequency and interval pattern. Lower and higher pitched instrument pairs, together, they produce Indonesian Gamelan melodies, which resonate the sound of ombak (beats) or pelayangan (vibrato). Gamelan music has its own techniques and forms, i.e., one melody performed simultaneously by the different instruments (heterophony), the technique of interlocking multiple instruments to structure their rhythms (interlocking part), and the rhythmic and metric patterns of beat and punctuation (colotomic punctuation).
Place The distribution of gamelan in Indonesia is centred in the following provinces of Central Java, Special Region of Yogyakarta, East Java and Bali. Today, almost all provinces in Indonesia have gamelan, i.e., West Java; West Nusa Tenggara: Mataram City, West Lombok, Central Lombok, North Lombok, East Lombok regencies; South Kalimantan: Banjarmasin City, Banjarbaru City, Tapin, Banjar, Hulu Sungai Tengah, Hulu Sungai Selatan, and Hulu Sungai Utara regencies; West Kalimantan: Pontianak City, Pontianak, Sambas, and Sekadau regencies; East Kalimantan: Kutai Kertanegara City, West Kutai and Mahakam Hulu regencies; West Sumatra: West Pasaman Regency, Dharmasraya Regency, Sawahlunto and Padang Panjang City; South Sumatra: Palembang City, Penukal Abab Lematang Ilir Regency, Lubuk Linggau Regency; Bangka Belitung: Pangkal Pinang City, and Lampung: Bandar Lampung City and West Lampung Regency. File Size 2833 KB
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