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ICH Courier Vol.47 Maritime Rituals as Community Practices
  • Manage No DC00000116
    Published Year 2021
    Category Journal
    Language English,Korean
    Publishing Country Republic of Korea
    Publisher ICHCAP
    ISSN 2092-7959
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Description "The sea has long been a part of ritualistic life across many cultures. There is a special bond between humans and the sea that we depend so much upon for our lives. Recognizing the importance of the sea and associated rituals, this volume of the ICH Courier focuses on four maritime rituals of the Asia-Pacific region. In particular, we will explore the vast differences in how communities in Vietnam, Taumako of the Solomon Islands, Korea, and China practice their sacred rituals in relation to the life-giving waters that surround them."
Contents (Author )
"Maritime Intangible Cultural Heritage: A Role within the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021–30" Athena Trakadas, Visiting Researcher, National Museum of Denmark / Co-Chair, Ocean Decade Heritage Network
"Pandanus Bank Blong Mi: Restoring Women’s Weaving in Post-Disaster Vanuatu" Further Arts Vanuatu
Cau Ngu Festival of the Fishing Community Le Phuong Thao, Vietnam Association of Ethnologists and Anthropologists
Taumako Maritime Rituals Simon Teave Salopuka, MD and Executive Director, Vaka Valo Association
Jeju Chilmeoridang Yeongdeunggut So-jeon Kang, Lecturer of Korean Language and Literature, Jeju National University
"Sending the King Ship Ceremony: Sustaining the Connection between People and the Ocean" Sarah Ward, Visiting Professor of Maritime Archaeology, History and Culture Centre for Maritime History and Culture Research Dalian Maritime University, China Veronica Walker Vadillo, Postdoctoral Researcher Department of Archaeology Helsinki University, Finland
A Graph Database for Performing Arts in Switzerland Birk Weiberg, Project Manager, Foundation SAPA, Swiss Archive of the Performing Arts
Wooden Blocks of Pethapur Shalini Sabikhi, Educator, Zydus School for Excellence
We Work among the Pamir Mountains Qurbon Alamshoev, Director, Kuhhoi Pomir (Pamir Mountains)

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