Educational project for transmission of Common cultural heritage, Ponte…nas Ondas!
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    Country Spain,Portugal
    Published Year 2023
    Language English
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Description As a good safeguarding practice, ‘Ponte… Nas Ondas! (abbreviated PNO)’ of Spain and Portugal was registered on the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list in 2022. The PNO initiative is an institution that was developed to safeguard and spread intangible cultural heritage on the Portuguese-Galician border and It’s also an educational project for the transmission of common cultural heritage to the young generation. Ponte nas Ondas originated from World Radio Day in 1995, which merged schools in both countries with the opening of the bridge for the river Miño between the region ‘Salvaterra de Miño’ in Spain and the region ‘Monção’ in Portugal. As 16 schools began communicating via radio waves, Radio broadcasting studios were created in each area. At the beginning of the program, It was broadcast only in Galician and Portuguese. But later, Spanish was also included with spreading to other educational institutions in Argentina, Cuba, Chile and Colombia. PNO initiative now does various projects like making lists of intangible cultural heritage in Galicia-Portugal, presenting the Galician-Portuguese oral tradition, and holding some traditional game meetings. And it also organizes some programs for young generations to induce active participation and offers classes at all levels from basic to higher education. Furthermore, through ‘Escolas nas Ondas’ which is a project for radio and video broadcasting, PNO teaches students at the schools in Galicia-Portugal to produce programs for radio broadcasting under the theme of oral tradition and broadcasts radio and video programs on their website. It has worth as a representative model for traditional culture transmission education.

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