Traditional Igal Dance
Description Igal is a type of traditional dance with fast but smooth moves. It is a heritage shared among the Sama people in the Southern Philippines and communities of the western part of Mindanao Island. Its history dates back to the maritime tradition of Southeast Asia. Igal is called pangalay by the Tausug people and pamansak by the Yakan, both of which simply mean "dance". The traditional dance comprises improvised moves and expressions through which the dancers merge with nature and step closer to God. This video showcases sublime lgal performances by two dancers from different time periods and islands in the same province.
Manage No VI00000325 Running Time 27:22
Country Philippines
ICH Domain Performing Arts
Videos Photographer Dick William NERI Year 2018
Place Philippins File Size N/A
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Copyright ICHCAP, National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) of the Philippines Copyright

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