Dazo, The Art of Traditional Bow and Arrow Making in Bhutan_Arrowhead
  • Manage No PI00005504
    Country Bhutan
    Year 2017-11-11
    ICH Domain Oral traditions and representations, Social practices, rituals, festive events, Traditional craft skills
Description Arrowhead locally known as 'Deuchak' is attached at the front end of the shaft using Lachhu. Deuchak is made from metal sheets made specially by blacksmiths. Different kinds of arrow heads are used for different purposes.The crushed Lachhu is put into the Duechak and is heated using flames to melt and spread. Use of Lachhu makes it waterproof and prevents the arrowhead from cracking and keeps the deuchak intact
Photographer Jigme Choden & Ngawang Choden
Place Thimphu, Bhutan File Size 3.34MB
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Copyright Jigme Choden & Ngawang Choden, ICHCAP Copyright

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