Dazo, The Art of Traditional Bow and Arrow Making in Bhutan_
Description Dazo, the art of traditional bow and arrow making is an important intangible cultural element of Bhutan but the skills involved in the art is fast disappearing. The traditional bamboo bows and arrows were used to play archery. Archery is Bhutan’s national game. It is a popular sport especially among the male population. Archery promotes social cohesion, harmony and the preservation of tradition and shared values. But the use of traditional bows and arrows are increasingly becoming unpopular owing to a large number of people preferring to use foreign bows and arrows over the traditional ones, which are now easily accessible in the market. This has led to decline in the skills involved in making of the traditional bamboo bows and arrows. Today, there are only few people who acquire the skills required to make the traditional bow and arrow.
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Country Bhutan
ICH Domain Oral traditions and representations, Social practices, rituals, festive events, Traditional craft skills
Videos Photographer Jigme Choden & Ngawang Choden Year 2017-11-11
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