Pertunjukan Teater Wayang(Wayang Puppet Theatre)
  • Manage No PI00001398
    Country Indonesia
    Year 2018-08-03
    ICH Domain Oral traditions and representations, Performing Arts, Social practices, rituals, festive events, Knowledge and practices about nature and the universe, Traditional craft skills
Description Wayang, the traditional puppetry and drama performance art of Indonesia, is an original masterpiece demonstrating the Indonesian people's creative genius. Wayang has existed and developed in myriad styles and forms In Indonesia over at least a millennium. This can be seen in the 12th-century Old Javanese text Arjuna Wiwaha, which describes a ringgit or wayang performance. Some styles of wayang became extremely sophisticated and took on epic proportions as aristocratic entertainment, but wayang later became known and loved by all segments of society. Currently, there are more than 60 varieties or styles (gagrak) of Indonesian wayang. Some styles such as Wayang Kulit Purwa of Java use two-dimensional leather puppets. These are intricately hand-cut and finely perforated, painted and gold leafed, held against a screen (kelir) by the dalam (puppeteer) illuminated with a lamp, producing moving shadows.
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