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Gijisi Juldaligi (Tug-of-war) Festival
Description Juldarigi, Korean for tug of war, has long been a traditional sport around the country. Taking place around Gijisi Juldarigi Museum, relive a 500 year tug of war festival which was established to pray for peace and to enjoy a spring feast. The Gijisi Juldarigi Festival returns reliving centuries of years of traditions with lively folk music, Korean traditional ssirreum wrestling, samulnori performances and of course, lots of food be it from food trucks to traditional offerings. Gijisi Juldarigi, designated as the 75th Intangible Cultural Property, uses a rope that is somewhat different from the standard bulky one. The massive rope of Gijisi Juldarigi is made of 30,000 sheaves of straw, weighing almost 40 tons whose diameter is 1 meter and its length 200 meters. The event takes place from April 11-14 in Dangjin-si, Chungcheongnam-do.
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