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Festival of Boysun Bahori
Description The name of the Boysun (Baysun) Bahori Festival comes from a small city in southern Uzbekistan. Boysun looks like an average village nestled in the Baisuntau Mountains, but the main difference is that those who live in Boysun have preserved their way of life and traditions and live the same way that they have lived for thousands of years, since the pre-Islamic days. The Boysun Bahori Festival is a celebration of this unique culture. In the era of globalization, these traditions are being lost, and can only be found in small villages far from large cities. The goal of this festival is to gather and preserve these traditions, not only in Boysun, not only in Uzbekistan, but around the world. In 2001, UNESCO named the culture of Boysun a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage, and in 2002, the first Boysun Bahori Festival was held. Originally, the festival was held every year, but then it fell off. In 2017, the tradition was renewed.
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