3. Learning from Korean Traditional Wisdom of Rainwater Management to Overcome Climate Crisis
  • Manage No DI00001332
    Country Republic of Korea
    Author Han Mooyoung (a.k.a. Dr. Rain) (Professor Emeritus, Seoul National University)
    Published Year 2022
    Language English
    Copyright Copyright
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Description The climate crisis is increasing the number of dangerous weather events that are occurring all over the world with challenges such as floods and droughts, wildfires and heat waves; these phenomena are getting more serious every year. It is important to note that most of these events are related in some way to rainwater. For example, by collecting rainwater near the place it falls, the risk of flooding will be reduced, and the collected rainwater can later be used to mitigate drought. By collecting rainwater on the ground and making the land surface wet, forest fires can be prevented and the chances of heat waves occurring can be reduced. Therefore, good rainwater management can overcome the water- and heat-related challenges that arise during times of climate crisis.

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