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Ancient Rites of Horse Breeders: Biey Bailau. Kumyz Murindik
Description Ulytau is the geographic and historical center of Kazakhstan where the Kazakh Khanate appeared. Central Kazakhstan is rich in historical monuments. The history and traditions of Kazakh horse breeders have been maintained since the Paleolithic times. The traditions include: biye baylau, separating dairy mares from the shoal or the feast of the first milking; ayghyr kosu, joining a stallion to the herd or the stallion’s wedding; and kymyz muryndyk, beginning to make and drink kymyz or festive of the first kymyz. Inextricably linked with one another, these traditions mark the beginning of a new horse-breeding cycle and form an integral part of Kazakh intangible cultural heritage.
Manage No VI00000754 Running Time 00:12:47
Country Kazakhstan
ICH Domain Social practices, rituals, festive events, Knowledge and practices about nature and the universe
Videos Photographer Alexey Kamenskiy (Mr) Year 2016-05-02
Place Terisakkan Village, Karaganda Province, Kazakhstan File Size 197 MB
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Kazakhstan National Committee for Intangible Cultural Heritage

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