Nomad Heritage

Talent of Possessing Swiftness
Description Folk Knowledge and Tradition of Recognizing and Training Swift Horses Since ancient times, Mongols have developed a complex understanding of how to choose the swiftest horses from among a herd and coach and train these horses to race. Over one month, the horses’ diet is restricted, and the horses are raced over longer and longer distances each day. Race horses are classified into six age categories: ikh nas, soyolon, azarga, khyzaalan, shüdlen, and daaga, and horses in each category race for different distances. The jockeys are children between the ages of 6 and 13. The sweat-scraper and brush are patterned with symbolic designs of the horse’s prowess and promptness.
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Country Mongolia
Videos Photographer Galmandakh LHAGVA Year 2017
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