Nahori Nashta (Morning Song, Lapar) by Khayotkhon Turdiyeva
Description Lapar performing arts, as an ancient folklore genre of people’s creation, has a rich history. Lapar songs are performed by famous artists during holidays, public festivities, and wedding parties as well as in a bride’s house in the evening during ‘Girls’ Evening’, ‘Girls’ Party’, and ‘Lapar Night’. Girls and boys perform lapar songs composed of four-lined ghazals in two groups. Through lapar songs, girls and boys express their love to each other, make decisions, and take oaths. They sing their heart’s grief with a certain melody but without any music. If both the girl and the boy who are singing lapar fall in love with each other, they present gifts to one another. If the boys present flowers to girls, the girls present a kerchief, belt-kerchief, handkerchief, perfume, or some other gift.
Manage No AI00000566
Country Uzbekistan
ICH Domain Oral traditions and representations, Performing Arts, Social practices, rituals, festive events
Audio Performer Khayotkhon Turdiyeva Year 2015
Place Ferghana Valley File Size N/A
Definition N/A File Format Video
Copyright Republican Scientific and Methodological Centre of Folk Art, under the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan Copyright
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