Dazo, The Art of Traditional Bow and Arrow Making in Bhutan_Tabzhu
  • Manage No PI00005519
    Country Bhutan
    Year 2017-11-11
    ICH Domain Oral traditions and representations, Social practices, rituals, festive events, Traditional craft skills
Description Tabzhu, which literally means folded bow is made using two equal sized shafts. In the earlier times, people used changzhu or a bow with just one bamboo shaft. Chang zhu can be cut out directly from the bamboos as per the required length. But today, Chang Zhus are widely used by children while Tab Zhus by professional archers. The length of a bow for both Chang Zhu and Tab Zhu are determined by the height of the player. A tall player needs a relatively longer bow and vice versa. Today, Tabzhu is the most commonly used bow because of its flexibility, durability and strength.
Photographer Jigme Choden & Ngawang Choden
Place Thimphu, Bhutan File Size 2.19MB
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