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‘Nooruz’ celebration

[ English ]

Country :
ICH Domain :
Social practices, rituals, festive events
Year of Designation :
Description :
‘Nooruz’ symbolizes the celebration of the New Year according to the solar calendar in the Day of Spring equinox on March 21. Nooruz is one of the most important festive events in Kyrgyzstan and has its own specificities. Two or three weeks before the Day of Spring equinox many families plant seeds of wheat or barley into small dishes, praying for fertility of the land and wishing a good harvest in the new year. Compulsory meals on the festive table are ‘sumolok’ and ‘kojo’, which are prepared from cereal and legumes products, water and milk deemed to be the symbols of rejuvenation and abundance. Special attention is paid to the house purification ritual, which is done by fumigation of living spaces with juniper. This ritual is named ‘alastoo’, which is aimed at exorcising evil spirits and expulsion of all negative things from life.Traditional games, special dishes, performances in music and dances, oral expressions and literature, handicrafts and paintings are all enjoyed.
Transmission method :
The element is transmitted through the participation of all age and gender groups including children, young adults, middle-aged people and elders, whether women or men, in all parts of the ceremony.
Communities :
Wide community of people
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