ICH Courier Vol. 52 ICH Space as a Workshop, Home for ICH
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    Published Year 2022
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Description There are two connected proverbs: “space makes people” and “people make space.” The same is true of ICH and ICH space as workshop. In order for ICH to reveal itself, an ICH space as a workshop is necessary; conversely, for the space to be imbued with meaning, it needs ICH to run through it, just like a needle and thread. Let’s take a look at the stories of elements of ICH and ICH space as a workshop from Nepal, the Republic of Korea, Timor-Leste, and Vietnam.
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Intangible Cultural Heritage and Soft Power — Context Matters! Hanna Schreiber (Assistant Professor, University of Warsaw)
Cultures in a Cosmopolitan City: Challenges, Changes, and Continuity Sathashivam Logaraj (Assistant Manager, National Heritage Board, Singapore), Cao Mingmin (Assistant Manager, National Heritage Board, Singapore)
A Sanctuary of Flow and Transmission Seol Ji Hee (CEO, FROM HERE, Inc.)
Safeguarding ICH at Viharas in Nepal during the Month of Gunla Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha (Lecturer, Lumbini Buddhist University)
The Impact of Tais in Timor-Leste: Culture with Unlimited Space Abraão Ribeiro Mendonça (Culture Preservation Officer, USAID’s Tourism For All Project)
Safeguarding Imperial Worship Practice at the Tuy Ly Residence Nguyen Ky Nam (Ph.D. Candidate, Griffith University)
Safeguarding Traditional ICH Spaces as Workshops Madhura Dutta (Director, banglanatak dot com) , Banglanatakdotcom
Living in Harmony with Nature: Safeguarding Centuries — Old Techniques Kamila Kenzhetaeva (Culture Programme Specialist, National Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic for UNESCO)
Bringing the Stories of Vietnam to the World Ha, Hoang Minh Trang (English Interpreter and Translator, Cultura Fish), Vuong, Hoai Lam (Lead of Cultural Research, Cultura Fish), Luc, Pham Quynh Nhi (Project Coordinator, Cultura Fish)

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