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ICH Courier Vol. 50 Animals in Stories
  • Manage No DC00000241
    Published Year 2022
    Category Journal
    Language English,Korean
    Publishing Country Republic of Korea
    Publisher ICHCAP
    ISSN 2234-1811
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Description When we were young, we were told a lot of stories. Everyone hated the big, vicious, evil, and cunning animals. However, seen through grown-up eyes, there are no bad animals in the world. Animals personified in stories convey a message to the human world-that of peace and harmony. At a time when a message of peace is desperately needed, let’s enjoy some stories featuring various animals, from tigers to birds, rabbits, monkeys, and more.
Contents (Author )
Bringing Living Heritage to Schools in Asia-Pacific: A Resource Kit to Help Teachers Develop Contextualized and Engaging Activities Vanessa Achilles, ICH Consultant
Kathmandu Weave: The Untold Story of Newari Sukul Maya Rai, Managing Director, Nepal Knotcraft Centre Ltd. , Nepal Knotcraft Centre, Weaving Community
Turkmen Embroidery: A Source of Inspiration Chinar Rustamova, Executive Secretary, The National Commission of Turkmenistan for UNESCO
Na Drekeba and Roqoroqo: Traditional Baby Showers in Fiji Simione Sevudredre, Principal Cultural Officer, Ministry of iTaukei Affairs
The Four Noble Friends (thuen-pa pun-zhi) Yeshi Lhendup, Senior Research Librarian, National Library and Archives of Bhutan
Living with Animals in Harmony Monalisa Maharjan Researcher, University of Heidelberg
Role of the Tiger in Mongolian Oral Tradition Saruul Arslan Specialist, Division of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, National Center for Cultural Heritage of Mongolia
Korea, the Land of the Tiger CHEON Jingi, Former General Director, The National Folk Museum of Korea
Namhaean Byeolsin-gut: Village Shaman Ritual HAHM Hanhee Director, The Center for Intangible Culture Studies (CICS) , CICS (Among the accredited NGOs)

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